The fire work fail

Ones there was a boy called Luke and he was going to a fire work festival to night. If he got there in time ,if he got changed if he had his dina, then he would be able to get some candy flose. He was ready to see the fire works the first fire work went of.As the smock cleared, I saw another ten and then one of them didn’t explode and it fell to the ground and made a whole in the ground. Every one stept back and then it explded. It didn’t hit enyone and we went home and fogot it.

Firework night

One night my mum and i was going to see the fireworks. So we got in the car and went to go see the fireworks. When we got there me and my mum got something to eat it was very nice. We finally, got there so we watched the fireworks  until 9:00pm. As the smoke cleared we got into the car the smoke was coming from the fireworks. So we went into the car got something to eat because we waid of all are food we had eaten for 2 hours. I went home had a bath and went to bed.

The Fire Drill

As I woke up in the morning I realised that I was late for school and had to hurry so I put all my clothes on and then I was ready for school so when I got there I thought to myself phew.Now was maths ,the lesson before the glorious end of school but then all of a sudden ,nee nor nee nor,yep it is the fire drill.As I went out into the cold to line up the head teacher looked and stared right  at me but then she had some thing else to look at as the smoke cleared.


One sunny morning I woke up brushed my hair and got dressed.Then I went down and had my breakfast.Then my mum said were going to see fireworks tonight.WOW I have never seen them before .when are we going ?at 9:00 ah thats ages away it’s only 6:00 in the morning.But as I played in the garden time went fast tic tic tic tic tic tic .By the time I went inside it was already 9:00 ahh we need to.when we got there we soure lots of smoke as the smoke cleared there was lodes of fireworks thanks for taking me by night night