What to do when you are bored! Part 2

Before I carry on , I would recommend reading part 1 otherwise¬†this one won’t sence.

indoor things:

You can colour in . Colouring in is so relaxing and it will take your mind off of things .

Play with your pet(if you have one). This is so fun ,you will love it and and I am pretty shore your pets will to !

Go to sleep. . It may sound boring but when you wake up you will feel as fresh as the morning sun.

Outside things (just saying i only have 2 outdoor things).

Go to an outdoor swimming pool , nothing like a refreshing swim.

Play with friends down the street. Knock on your friends door. At least now you are not bored and you have someone to play with.


What to do when your bored! Part 1

You bored? Your not alone, I know the feeling. Yesterday it was raining all morning and that is why I am writing a story on what to do when you are bored. Some will be to do outside and some will be for inside.

Inside things:

A good thing to do inside is to colour in. Colouring in is so relaxing and it takes your mind off of other things like school .

Another thing to do is play with your pet (if you have one) as you will love it and I’m pretty shore they will to.