Take it to the top

One morning, boy called Jack woke up in  and said to himself “I want to play football,” So he got out of his bed and dashed into his older brother’s room. He told his brother that he wanted to play football but he just laughed. Jacks older brother had a big, strong, muscular body whereas he had boney, weak and skinny legs. So Jack sadly strolled back into his room and went back to sleep. He then dreamed about playing for Man City and he scored the winning goal in the champions league final. Then he woke up and went outside in the garden and did 100 keepie uppies. That dream had given him a confidence boost, surely. Later on in his life he was playing for Man City FC whereas in the beginning he was just an ordinary boy.


One thought on “Take it to the top”

  1. Good job! I really liked your story because you made the boy never give up. By telling what Jack look so like, you gave the story better background knowledge. Good job! BTW I love playing soccer (football). My favorite team is Arsenal.

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