Tale of two friends

In the past week I have been so lonely. The other penguins have gone diving and I can not dive so I am left in the South Pole. I got so bored that I discussed (with my self) if I should set of on an adventure across the Atlantic Ocean or stay here in the cold and lonely. I added up my points, and thought I would go on an adventure. So I setted of on an ice cube and travled and travled………Hungry,thirsty,sea sick,I arrived at a little boys house .He looked confused still,he took me into his house. He fed me fish and he let me swallow the cleanest water in the world! But a week later he trapped me in a boat and took me back to the place I started. Yes , that’s right the South Pole. I was so confused. He dropped me off and off he went. I felt lonely and cold again. I decided to follow him. Then things were great !

Boys point of view 

I was sitting on the sofa (because I was so bored ). Then I heard a knock at the door I went to open it and to my astonishment it was a penguin!I could not beilive my eyes I was confused still , I let him in.I fed him my left over fish and let him drink the water out of the bathroom tap because mum and dad could never know about this .