Tea Cup

Once there was a boy called Jake, he loved tea. Every day he had 5 teas every minute. One day he went to a castle and in stead of a sward he found a masive cup half in the ground and half in the air he was amazedĀ  he sear people trying to pull it out but they couldn’t because it wayed 200000000000000 tones not even the hulk could lift it was that hevey. He went home and lifted some wates the next day he went back to the castle and tryed to lift it and he was amazed because he lifted it out and got to ceep it.

One thought on “Tea Cup”

  1. Wow amazing story Adam! You need to improve on spelling words right. For exsample hevey, that is how you spelt it but it is actually heavy.
    From Amelia

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