Teddy Life

Last Friday as soon as Millie woke up early, because she had to go to school ,she realised I was on the floor so she picked me up and then softly placed me on her bed with the other teddies . Then she went and got ready for school .The last time she came back in her room was to do her hair and put her badges on then I herd the door slam. I knew her mum had gone to work too so it was time to PARTY.I whispered “The cost is clear” we all Β piled on each other and then I climbed on the banister and slid down it then we all partied till dawn and called are friends my BFF is Polar Millies BFF, Amys teddy, then Millie and her mum came in just in time we got back in the positions she put us in earlier in.”MUM WHERE HAS ALL THE SWEETS GONE ” shouted Millie “uhh I forgot about THAT’ the teddy said rubbing its tummy.

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