Th wierd person in London !!

Hi im Nia and my friend is Amelia today we are going to London to explore we haven’t really seen much of London so this is the time to go.When me and Amelia arrived in London it was really busy so we found a short cut to enter the shopping mall but its was quite a walk.10 mins later we finally got somewhere but either me or Amelia done know where it is .So we followed these people and it lead us to the mall but as we were passing we saw this really creepy statue in the woods it was glaring at us we we took a picture of it and then ran away okay we have to go see you when we are back home in Camebridge.6 Hrs later we are home Amelia came back to my house in the end and i showed the picture to my mum and she was shocked.So after that day we were tiered and from that day on me and Amelia should always stay near well closer to home.

The End!!

One thought on “Th wierd person in London !!”

  1. Good job! I like how you described the amount of time during the walk by saying it was about 10 minutes. I think that adding in all the time was a good idea. Can not wait to see your next 100wc post.

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