The Air Ambulance.

Hi my name is Fin and I  love  paramedics I want  to be one when i”m older  now i’ll tell you a thing or two of the air ambulance ok so the air ambulance is a team of three or two in a helecopter now when I say two or three sometimes the pilot is a paramedic but at other times the pilot only helps carry the streacher also air paramedics are a bit more advanced than ground paramedics  so being better trained lets you do more things than less advanced lets you do less cool stuff thats it from me byyyyyeyeyyeyyeye!!!!!! 

One thought on “The Air Ambulance.”

  1. Hi Fintan,
    Paramedics do an amazing job and it is lovely to see that you appreciate them. It seems like you know a lot about their job. Next time, make sure you stick to the prompt- you forgot the ball of bones! Also, one little piece of advice I would give you is to read your writing out loud when you have finished, this will help you to notice if you have missed any commas or full stops. Keep up the good work!
    Ciara (Team 100)

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