The Amazing (and massive) Lego Set!

…’When did it arrive?’ I asked, the MASSIVE Millenium Falcon had come, and I was VERY pleased. ‘Today,’ my Mum answered, ‘get building!’ I shot over to the GIGANTIC box like a bullet, and ‘got building’ STRAIGHT away! I was a bit daunted by the SIZE of the instruction manual, but I didn’t care. It was great having one of the biggest sets in the world, and I couldn’t wait to have the finished model on display! After about 3 hours I had put together about 1000 pieces and there was about 7541 pieces in total, so it was going to take a long time…

More coming soon!!!

One thought on “The Amazing (and massive) Lego Set!”

  1. I don’t know whether it actually was 7541 pieces in the set, I couldn’t remember!

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