The Awsome Gymnast

One day there was a girl called Amy. Amy loved dancing and acting. When she was older she came to Crosshall Junior School to talk to some kids about how she became an actor. “At the beginning, Amy said, I had to learn how to do gymnastics and dancing. It was really fun. Is there any questions?”

“ How many days did you have to go to the gym,” asked a little girl?

“Only twice a week and I went to Huntingdon gym, it is a very good gym to go to.”

Mr A said to Amy thank you very much before she left.

2 thoughts on “The Awsome Gymnast”

  1. Nice story. I am glad she volunteered her time to talk to kids at a school. I know my kids love guest speakers at school. Acting sounds so fun. I did not know you have to learn gymnastics and dance to go into acting. Good information. Keep up the good writing
    Mrs Long, Saint Charles IL 100wc

  2. Hi, Natalie! You wrote an excellent post this week. I love the plot of the story, and I think that adding dialogue really enhanced it. I wanted to find out more about the gymnast!

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