The Beginning Of The End

In the beginning,  we found out that Jack loved chocolate and that he went to a park and saw a phantom muttering a curse.

Now on with the story…

As the phantom muttered a curse, Jack felt odd. He felt a tingling sensation in his feet. Jack looked down and saw his feet turning into chocolate. The chocolate was spreading and hardening as it went. “MUM, DAD” screamed Jack, “ I’M TURNING INTO CHOCOLATE”

” Don’t be so silly Jack “ said Jack’s mum.

”BUT I AM” Jack shouted as his face finally got covered in chocolate!

The phantom vanished.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning Of The End”

  1. Chocolate!! Who doesn’t love chocolate?! I don’t think I would want to turn into chocolate because then I may want to eat my arm off. This is a great story. I hope his parents realized that he was changing. What a crazy phantom.
    Mrs Long, Saint Charles IL 100wc

  2. Hi James,
    This week, your story is very enetertaining, and I just want to hear more. You used a very good technique by making the reader want more. I also enjoy your continuations. Good Job this week!

    -Maya E.

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