The best day !

One hot summers day I had a pool party (yay).And I made my faverote drink it is lime juice .Its very cold .”why is it so hot? “I said .As soon as I got hotter I jumped in the pool with my friend Gracie. I had a pirate ship float and I pushed Gracie overboard .Excitedly,I was I pirate. The next morning my clock went of really loud and I had a rat an my bed and this was, the worst day ever.


One thought on “The best day !”

  1. I’m reading your story at the end of a hot summer’s day Ruby, so I was curious to see whether we shared similar experiences. I certainly did have a cool drink, although not lime juice … but then I didn’t have to include certain words 😉 I’m impressed that you chose to use the adverb ‘excitedly’ to open a sentence. Now the question is, what is about being a pirate that is exciting for you?
    I’m hoping tomorrow isn’t the same as the one you describe here; I’m less concerned about the rat, but definitely worried that my alarm blasting my ear drums!
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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