The Big Theft!

One day there was a boy called Thomas and his mum called Louise. On Sunday Thomas’s mum said that they would go to take their dog for a walk down in Priory Park. Their dog was called Mollie. Thomas helped his mum pack a picnic and then got into the car with his coat. Louise asked Thomas whether she locked the door or not and Thomas said yes. After the car had pulled off the drive a big white van appeared on the side of the road by Thomas’s house. Two men got out of the van and found out that the front door was unlocked. They went inside and found out that there was no alarm in the house. They went upstairs into Louise’s room and found her jewellery box. The two men went downstairs to hear a car pull up on the drive. “Oh no!” said the oldest of the two. “We’ve got to get out of here and dump the jewellery.”                                                                                                                                        “But where would we hide it all?” said the youngest one. The door opened and Thomas and his mum came in and found the two thieves standing in the hallway like statues. Louise called the police and the two thieves were taken away to prison and Louise got her jewellery box back.

One thought on “The Big Theft!”

  1. Natalie, you did an amazing job writing this story. You grabbed my attention right away, and you did an incredible job describing the events in the story. I am glad that the theft was taken care of!

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