The Boy

Once I was walking through a city, New York, when suddenly I heard someone scream at the top of their voice. ” HEELLP,” screamed the voice. I looked around. I couldn’t see anything. ‘Where could the voice be coming from’ I thought? So I looked up and saw a little boy with a flare on top of the Empire State building. I didn’t know what to do. Then I wandered, ‘How did he get up there?’ So I told a nearby fire station to get their longest ladder ever! So they got, leaned it against the building and only just managed to reach. The boy clambered on and toppled the ladder. It sent him and five firemen flying!

The End

2 thoughts on “The Boy”

  1. Dear James,
    I thought this was a creative story. I was interested throughout the whole thing, and the great language and grammar use kept me reading. Overall, I loved the ending, and it left me to be able to imagine what happened to the poor people. Great work this week!
    Maya E,

  2. Dear James,
    I like how well you used thoughts in the story. I also liked how you said that the firemen would need “the longest ladder ever” instead of just that they’d need a long ladder. I would suggest double checking punctuation positioning. Overall, your story was great!

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