The Brightest Light

One Saturday afternoon, there was a bright white light flickering in the distance. As I ran towards it there was a massive crowd of people surrounding a bonfire, that had orange and yellow flames. When I approached, I soon realised the crowd were all Hindu and they had just celebrated their Diwali festival. Suddenly my friend Mira from school tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hi Nicola, do you want to come to my swimming party tomorrow?”. “I would love to come, thank you very much”. I replied.¬†We then continued darning around the bonfire until the night ended.

3 thoughts on “The Brightest Light”

  1. Hi Nicola!!!Nice way using yor resources for your story.Maybe next time whenever a new person speaks go to the next line.GREAT JOB THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Nicola! I just wanted to make a few comments on your story. First of all, I loved your story and I thought you did a great job using all of the words from the prompt. Also you did a great job using quotation marks, but next time remember to hit return every time someone different starts to talk. Keep on writing!


  3. Hi Nicola I loved your story about the bonfire night but you have great pucntuation in it so it was the best thing that I have ever heard

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