The broken lightbulbI

Once upon a time there was a old,rubbery lightbulb . That day it was a dark muggy night so I had to turn on the the light when I turned it on it made a creepy nose but I didn’t mind. But just that moment, I heard a bang so I rusted upstairs and I saw the light bulb had smashed.So then I rang my mum and she said clean it up and I thought she can’t simple expect me to clean it up.I forgot to tell her that that the mess were like sweets like pink, green and purple but she didn’t believe then I sent her a picture and she said it was fake so then luckily my mum was home. And so then she cleaned it up as if there was no big deal but inside there was a big deal.



One thought on “The broken lightbulbI”

  1. I like the way you set it out and you could improve by after every full stop space before the capital letter.
    From Nicola B

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