The Cake Catastrophe

After a boring day at school,Zoe got home and moped around her  scruffy, grim house.She threw herself onto the sofa and glared miserably at the boring TV that you could only watch the same baking with bob show over and over again.But this time,she was so bored that she actually got exited about watching it.But for the first time ever , it made her want to bake.So she went into the kitchen and said to her self “hmm what will I need?”and replied back to herself “well it cant be that hard you will just need a bit fish, a bit of milk some cheese and stir it up and there, just ‘bung’it in the oven and turn it right up to 200°c!”After about 15 minutes of waiting “BEEP BEEP BEEP!”The fire alarm went off and her mum came rushing down the stairs and shouted “ZOE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!”Zoe just said “I made a cake mum,”.Her mum said “that is not how you make a cake would you like to make one with me?” And they made one together and it was the yummiest most scrummiest cake ever.

      The moral is ‘ask first and                  work together’.



2 thoughts on “The Cake Catastrophe”

  1. Your story made me laugh, Francesca, which is always a good thing. I like the idea that Zoe was so bored that she actually got excited! Always make sure you use the spacebar after a full stop when you are typing, it makes the story easier to read for your audience. What made the fire alarm go off? What was the kitchen filled with? What did the house smell like? I think you could have put a bit more description in that bit of the story. Keep on writing, though, you’re great!

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