The Christmas (Nightmare)

One early day, a girl with blond hair blond bow and some purple shoes was  called Katie. It was near Christmas and Katie really wanted a tiger that was from the zoo, her mum and dad said ” NOOO”.

 Katie told them it was only for a few days, but they still said ” no”.

Katie went to the zoo everyday looking at the Tigers with her friend Jazzy . When it was the end of the day Katie and her friend Jazzy went in the tigers cave and tried to animal nap a baby tiger, but then there was a growl they turned. Katie said ” IT IS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE”,

so they  gave the tiger some  meat and ran to Katie’s house “there my own tiger”.  

3 thoughts on “The Christmas (Nightmare)”

  1. Hi Nicola! I think your story was great and I’m happy that your getting into the Christmas spirit. I don’t think there were any mistakes and you did a great job using the prompt. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Nicola I liked your story. I like that she kept the tiger. I also wrote a tiger was blocking my escape. Next time try writing 100 words next time. Overall I liked your whole piece. I like the part were she wanted a tiger but her parents said no. Then she went in the cage to try and steal the cub.

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