the CLEVER boy

On an ordinary street, in an ordinary house, lived a a boy.No, this boy was not an ordinary boy.This boy was clever. This boy was not like full marks clever,  he was clever as in clever clever. Smarter than the smartest scientist on earth. But, the thing is he didn’t want to be clever, in the matter of fact he hated it.So one day he turned up to school in his pyjamas not by accident, on purpose and went to bed in his school clothes. The next day he had 4 tests and on those 4 tests he purposely got all the questions wrong. He got so use to being dumb,  the next day he had a test he tried his best because he hated being dumb more than he hated being clever but however hard he tried he couldn’t do the sum.He got bullied for being the dumbest boy on earth.He was so dumb he put glasses on the dog and his brother said why was the dog wearing glasses but the boy got so, so dumb he could not speak any more.


The Moral of this story is ‘always try your best’