The Clown

“Although we ran quickly, we were still not making enough progress!”

Oh, how did this happen to me, well let me start from the beginning…

I was playing a game of tag with my best mate, Adam B. I was IT, so I decided to chase down my worst enemy, the school bully (I am not going to say his name because it creeps me out when I say it). When suddenly, a very small car crashed through the school gates. The car stopped and out jumped a very creepy clown. Then he shouted, ” Here comes!” I stopped right in my tracks but the bully kept running. Then I found myself running towards the clown.

So this is how the end started…

One thought on “The Clown”

  1. Hi James!
    Great work this week. Your story was very entertaining, and I thought it was a creative use of the prompt. I thought this was one of your best writing pieces because you had all the great componets to a great story. Overall, excellent job this week.

    -Maya E.

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