The Creepy Cave

I was walking through a dark gloomy cave, I could hear drops of water dripping from the walls of the cave onto the hard cracked ground.Suddenly, I could hear roars and screams.The scream  sounded like the scream of a headless witch.The screaming got louder and louder as I walked deeper into the cave.As I walked more and more I finally reached a lady.The lady was no ordinary lady, she was whispering, something about fortune.I walked closer to hear what she was saying, she said ‘so what lies ahed of you is danger, danger of a witch’.I walked further until I reached the end of the cave.Just as I got there the screaming started again .I walked a few steps back and…

One thought on “The Creepy Cave”

  1. Hi Francesca,
    Well done on completing your first 100-word challenge.
    I really enjoyed reading your story.
    You’ve built up the tension well. I’d really like to know what happens next. You’ll have to write Part 2. I hope you aren’t in any danger from the headless witch.
    Good work this week.
    Mrs Boyce

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