One day In was out in the forest with the rest of my family in the woods for a nice day we where going to go to the park whilst we where there we got something for lunch and after we went to get ice cream. Then we went in the woods and we tried to build a little den but it did not work every time we tried to build it it just would not stand up straight. Then we saw something go past us we went to have a look what it was but we could not find the susspect.



3 thoughts on “THE CREEPY GHOST Copy”

  1. Alfie this work is amazing! What was the suspect? Is there a part TWO!?!? Make sure you spell suspect correctly next time.

  2. Hi Alfie,great story but be careful of your capital letters because and the start of the sentence it said one day In.

    Well Done Alfie!

    Reena CJS

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