The creepy neighbour

Hi I’m Allie and I’m 17 yrs old . Today I have to go to school but the good thing is that it is a Friday  and soon to be the weekend .On  Friday morning 7 hrs later , morning guys today is Friday yay I’m happy okay so its  time to go to school.3 hrs later after school my friend  Annalissa came around my house.  when we were about 11 minutes away from my  house my neighbour was just walking slowly behind us and it scared us so we walked faster and faster and then he followed me home and I said to Annalissa “But where would we hide it all” .But  Annalissa didn’t know what so I said “My phone and expensive items”. Until he grabbed my phone and I was shocked so I tried to get it back but he had a knife .We spied on him to see what he has doing with my phone it was locked up in the cupboard but I need to find a way to get that phone back. My phone has to be moved by the police or something .So  that was my shocking Friday story but the good news is that I got my phone back.

The End !!!

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