The cup in the ground

One day there lived a boy called Adam.Adam lived next to a giant cup it was amazing it was inside the ground.It’s weird because every night the cup goes somewhere else Adam thought someone else was doing it like his mum or dad because his mum and dad were really rood they always scare time they pretended to murder someone. when I woke up I looked in the cup and I saw someone then he started chasing me I tried to run but he caught me and I don’t know why put me in my house turned out it was my dad.

5 thoughts on “The cup in the ground”

  1. Hi Romarn!

    I liked your story, it was quite spooky though! Especially the bit where your character looked in the cup and saw someone who started to chase him!

    I would be interested to find out what happened next- did Adam tell his parents to stop being so rude and chasing him about?

    Keep writing!


    Team 100WC, Oxford, England

  2. Hi Romarn
    i like your story it just nead’s a little more info about what happens next you should add some more details think about it and continue on with the story but the creepy part was when it said I looked in the cup and I saw someone then he started chasing me I tried to run was very creepy but cool.

  3. Good job Romarn. I liked how you added a horror or scary part in the story. To make your story even better, try adding commas so that there is time to pause and breathe while reading.

  4. Hi Romarn, I liked the way you put Adam lived next to a giant cup. You could improve on your capital letters, but fantastic story!

    Well done Romarn!!!

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