The cup of doom

One day I was out with my friend Mike and we were going out on our bikes down to the park. When we got there me and Mike saw  this really awkward thing sticking out of the ground the first thing that came in to both of are heads was that it would be a new sort of ride. But when me and Mike went over there we both just saw that it was an old cup embedded into the ground we both thought what is an old cup doing in the middle of the park. THE END

One thought on “The cup of doom”

  1. Hi Alfie! I really liked your story! Especially when your characters found the cup. I really liked your word choice. It looked like the prompt was taken somewhere in England. I wrote about Jack and the Beanstalk! (The Giants Revenge) One thing you could do to improve your writing would be to end your story with suspense, something that makes you want to keep reading. Check out my blog!
    -Brynn from Illinois

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