The Dangerous Tiger.

One day me and my freinds where in a jungle with my dad Bear Grills me and my friend we where staying in the jungle for the night. The next day we woke up we had to go and get some breakfast we saw a monkey to eat we killed it. We went back to camp to cook it it was really nice we had to go and get some wood for the fire we found some wood and then we went back to camp.  But the next day we had to leave them jungle but on the way we spotted a tiger that was bloking are way and we had to go so we had to go round the bush THE END

3 thoughts on “The Dangerous Tiger.”

  1. hello Alfie,
    i really liked your piece. I really liked the part where they killed the monkey. But you did make a lot of mistakes. at the begging sentence instead of saying were you said where. the other mistake you made was at the sentence after they killed the monkey instead of putting a period in front of the first it you said it it. but the rest of the story was great.

    happy writing from:caden

  2. Hi! I love reading your stories! This story reminded me of the time I went to the zoo. I saw a tiger just like the one in your story! Hey! Do you think you can write a story about a talking book?

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