The Dangers of the statue 2.



Amy jumped off petrified and nervous but she thought that she had a crush on the very hot boy running over! Millie picked up Amy.

“Are you ok?” she asked but Amy didn’t answer because she was too busy looking at the boy.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen.” he said.

Millie and Amy ran back to the car park to see a bus there. They jumped onto the bus roof and clung on! On their way back Amy said to Millie…

“Did I trick you? I  wasn’t in love with him though he was hot!” Then they both laughed!!

4 thoughts on “The Dangers of the statue 2.”

  1. I enjoyed your writing. Good use of punctuation and sentence variety. Sounds like the girls were happy.
    Mr. M. (Team 100WC)
    Bedfordshire, UK

    1. Dear Mr M.
      I am glad you liked my story and yes you got it right, the girls were happy!

      Nia K.

  2. Dear Nia,
    It’s nice to read another creative story of yours. You had great punctuation and spelling, and a creative story. I like how you did a sequel to one of your previous stories. Overall this story was great and fun to read, but it also had a great spin at the end.

    1. Dear Maya E, I am really happy that you liked my story, but what do you mean by a great spin at the end?

      Nia K.

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