The day in a life of me!

The first thing I do is I get out of my cosy bed .Then I go check on Morgan and Poppy my dogs  .After that I get some yummy breakfast .The more I eat the more I get stronger .After my yummy breakfast I got dressed .Then I picked up my friend and went to school .Next I go home and get a ice lolly if it is hot.After I had my  ice lolly  I have a very delishious dinner.Now I check on the dogs and give Them yummy  food.Now I go on my hudl and then go to sleep.

One thought on “The day in a life of me!”

  1. Hi 14rubyh
    I really like how you done your 100 word challenge about your life. my life routine would be the same as you but i don’t have dogs. Instead of putting a full stop in each sentence maybe use comma but overall your story was amazing. Maybe you can come and comment on my story and read some on my 100 word challenge.
    from say law lah

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