the mum

One day there was a young family a mum a boy and a dog.They were going to the parkĀ  when a big bang happened they ran as fast as they could  because they fort that it was a bome they ran to a bench and hid under it but little did they now that a crimal was the cors of all the noise they jumpt into a lake and they sore a kindame  they wanted to explor what they had seen  so they did but they stated to run out of breth and did not get out in time!

5 thoughts on “the mum”

  1. Yikes! Very suspenseful, William. Nice work.
    We are working on adding punctuation to our pieces; something to look out for.
    Looking forward to reading more of your writing.
    – Mrs. Wlazlo in NY

  2. Hello, William! My name is Sofia, and I think that your story was very creative. I felt some suspense reading it because of the intense plot. Keep up the great ideas!

  3. Hi my name is Anthony from Stillwater NY. I thought that your 100 word challange was really funny and really funny and creative

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