One day there was a girl who loved her amazing dog s her name was Chloe . Chloe never liked walking the the dogs that was the only thing she did’t enjoy  but apart from that she loved them . So that day, Chloe mum was not having it she explained ”that Chloe wanted the dog so she needs to look after them”when Chloe heard what her mum said she got grumpy .You may be thinking walking a dog is not that hard but for Chloe it was only because her dog was a big dog that Chloe excuse so after that day Chloe had to go on a walk and it was disaster  Chloe plan was Im going to do stuff wrong so then my mum won’t have to go on a walk ever again .But just then, Chloe tripped over her own foot and fell into to the river and her face went straight into the river headfirst into the river and this what her mum said ”you deserve it because I your plan . So when they got home they had a chat and her mum said ”you are know walking the dogs every day” and that is when Chloe set of she threw the pencil and stormed upstairs and here family dare not talk to her for the rest of the day.

3 thoughts on “THE DISASTER WALK”

  1. Hi Poppy, I liked your 100 wc post. I liked it because you had a really interesting story idea. I never thought that you could have tripped into the lake which was something I would have never thought of. I also like how you had Chloe scheming to find a way to not walk the dogs which was also something I don’t think I would think of.
    Keep up the good 100 WCs!

  2. Hi.My name is Isabella.I go to school at Stillwater Elementary School.Home of the Warriors!!! I realy like how u mixed things up.I thing u should have put a plural s.Other then that,I thing u did a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy good job!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!


  3. Hi.My name is Isabella.I think u did a nice job.I really like the part when it talks about her mom.I think u should have given more detail about her mom.

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