The Discovery!

I just got back to the hotel on Isle of Wight. We went fossil hunting and I found a definate fossil! It is really long and very creepy. It is covered in weird rotting goo! I think it is a Plesiosaur. If you don’t know what that is then I will tell you. It is a dinosaur that lived under the water. It lived from the Early Jurassic to the Late Cretacious. Although, it might not be that animal. You do realise that I can’t be sure of anything. But it looked like the actual body was chopped off! EWWWW!!

2 thoughts on “The Discovery!”

  1. Hi Nia!
    I like your story this week. No one that I’ve read this week has made a story about a fossil, and I think it was a really creative idea. Great job!
    -Maya E.

    1. Hi Maya,
      I am really glad you liked my story, and I will try and more stories like this.
      Nia K

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