the door

There was a once a house that was for sail . A happy family did desid to by it but what did not now is that a grumpy old man lived next door and he was a man ho got in your bisnas  . one day the children  went out side and played out side  they sore their nabers door it was open. his car was not there they whent insid wive  fasnashan. they cood her screeming thay went to loockd  arond the hous all thay sarw was craced lits and and brocan windos exept one door up stas they sead  what liys ahed of the door.

One thought on “the door”

  1. Hello, William! You wrote a very creative story, full of action and mysteries! You really set a foreboding mood through your descriptions of the old man’s house! Keep up the fantastic work!

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