The Epic Fail

One day there was a farmer who once had a big lake that was all murky, dirty and green.He tried to swim in it once but it guess what it was an EPIC FAIL!!!.So he tried again but he went a bit higher and jumped on a higher spot and it was an EPIC FAIL again.So he tried again with higher jump with the biggest jump he could ever do and it was the most funniest fail ever.I had never seen anything as funny as that was it was hard for me to breath it was that funny.




6 thoughts on “The Epic Fail”

  1. I really liked how in your description of the lake you used vivid vocabulary to explain it. I also liked how by making the words epic fail all capital letters you really gave me a sense of how bad of a fail it was.

  2. Dear Lennon,
    Hi! I did a really good job in including a lot of adjectives and “epic fails”.
    I really like how you told us that the farmer doesn’t give up no matter how many times he gets an “epic fail”.

  3. HI I AM ROBERT FROM STILL WATER NY I THINK YOUR PEICE WAS GREAT AND IT I LIKE THAT HE NEVER GIVES UP AND HE STILL KEEPS TRYING EVEN THOUGH HE KEEPS FAILING IT WAS A GREAT PEICE you used a good amount of words yours was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace !!!

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