The Evil Devil

One evening I was doing laps on my bike around the field oh and if you don’t know what my name is it’s Timmy. Then all of a sudden I saw a creepy black costume peeking through the tree so I went a bit closer and then he jumped out and scared me so bad. He got a hold of me and bellowed I am homeless ‘give me money’ you little child. I screamed for help and mum came looking because I had been here for so long. So she karata kicked him because she is a master black belt.

3 thoughts on “The Evil Devil”

  1. Lennon,

    I really liked your post this week. The things that I liked were in the beginning how you told the reader that your name is Timmy. I also liked your vivid vocabulary. My favorite part about this story was the funny ending were your mum kratata chopped the hooded figure.

  2. Hi Lennon!
    I thought your story was amazing. I loved the part when Timmy’s mother did karate. Did you know that I do karate too? Maybe you should write a story about ninjas. Just a suggestion!
    From, Jocelyn

  3. HIIIIIIII lennon i liked how you said your mum was a black belt when shes not my mum and dad are a black belt. I am so close to a black belt

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