The Evil Robot That Was Turned Into A Tree

“Would you like me to tell you a story? Well you’re in luck as I have my reading glasses with me. Right here we go. There used to be an evil robot called Roberto. He always wanted to stop her sister from making a fun play park for the kids. Roberto hated fun as he never got any presents. On Halloween, Roberto came out of his cave and went to destroy all of the kids. But before he could his sister saw him and she made him into a tree. Well that is the end of the story. If you see a tree with legs it’s Roberto.  

2 thoughts on “The Evil Robot That Was Turned Into A Tree”

  1. Natalie, your story was fun and imaginative! I especially like how you introduced the narrator as a person with glasses that likes to read stories aloud. Excellent job!

  2. Natalie,

    I really liked how good of an attention getter you had and all of the descriptive vocabulary you used. I also liked your imaginative storyline.

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