The Faboulas race!

I was sitting on the sofa with my friend Jack playing Poke’mon on our ?,suddenly a ✉️ came through the letter box,so I opened it and inside was a? as we opened it we saw a commpation it was a running  commpation, the more we read it the more exited we got, it said that ✌?people could goin one person has to help the other person do the race and the other person has to give the running person water. Then I said ” I’ll do the race and you help me and cheer me on ok.” “Ok” said Jack so I packed a : water bottle and a flannel.Then I got dressed in my ?top and off we went, we had to do 20 laps around the court. So I unpacked everything and got ready to ??‍♀️, then off we went, in the last round me and Jack won I stood on first place and got my ?,me and Jack where so happy to win.

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