One day there was a boy who had two snakes as his pet. One was colured red and the other black. He came downstairs to give the two snakes there brekfast they where both really hungrey he colud tell they where hungrey the way they where looking at him. The boy feed them there brekfast and before he could feed themĀ  the red one tried to get out of his cage. Then the boy went for his breaakfast but…

2 thoughts on “THE FIRCE SNAKE”

  1. Hi Alfie! I like how you put some suspense near the end! I wonder what happened when the boy tried to get his breakfast. Maybe you can tell me!

  2. Hi Alfie I really liked your story because it had a lot of juice parts in it. I really liked the part were he the kid went to go get the breakfast and how he came back and then the but… part was really good. One thing I think you can work on is when you said he new they were hungry by the way they looked maybe you could have put how they looked at him. I have one question how was it to wright this story. I hope you wright me back. When you get the chance go see my story at Over all i really enjoyed your story.

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