One beautiful ,sunny morning there was a girl called Millie playing happily in her massive back garden. Millie was a lovely, pretty, wonderful ,nice girl . Millie was  really excited because she was going on holiday to Spain in a couple of days . The day had finally arrived and it was round about 3am in the morning . When they got in to the airport and had all of there breakfast Millie needed to go to the toilet Millie was older so her mum let her go to the toilet by her self .Just that moment ,Millie heard the scary voice in the world she jumped out of her skin this  is what it said “be careful ” Millie ran out of the toilet even though she was despite for the toilet and she had a little insterdent and when they got to Spain they went out on that night and Millie took a picture and when she took it ghost came up on her phone and she remembered  in the bathroom and she put up with it for the wrest of the weak.



7 thoughts on “THE GHOST STORY”

  1. Cool! I liked how you included lots of details about Millie and the ghost. I thought the ghost in the phone idea was an interesting way of presenting the story to the reader. The thing I did notice though was that you had a few misspelled words but that was the only thing I really noticed. Keep up the good writing!

  2. Hi Chloe! Great story! I liked how you made the story of somebody going to another country. I really like stories like that. In the future, I would suggest checking your grammar and punctuation.

  3. I liked the writing you used to write your story good Job.I also like how you included the ghost and Millie.

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