The Ghosts in the Town

Once I just took a picture of this town in London and when I finished to take a pic of it I saw this shadow of three people and I looked really puzzled to be honest.It feels like I’m just having a nightmare because it looks like a real ghost.Now like I’m in town now with my big cousin arran who’s fifteen years old.He was having a nightmare too, we went to Subway and I had a chicken ham salad tikka sandwich so me and arran was eating in front of the window and seriously I can still see the ghosts.

But it happens to you ignore it!

4 thoughts on “The Ghosts in the Town”

  1. Great post Reena! I like your scary story because you had to ignore it so that every body didn’t think you were insane. You and your cousin were forced to ignore it as you ate.

  2. Hi Reena! Well done on last weeks post! Nice detail! I have a question, is Arran really your cousin?

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