The Ghoul in the Forest

Flash! went the lightning Flash! Flash! Flash! Then out of the darkness came a voice saying “You will die MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”                 I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out.”MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”I saw my house in the distance, then I saw nothing more… It was a regular day although I never knew my life would change forever. So I had my regular walk in the forest and then out from behind from a tree came a menicing figure a statue like figure I ran for my life but it was to late he grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me to the ground then I saw nothing more.

4 thoughts on “The Ghoul in the Forest”

    1. Adam,
      I thought your story was very interesting to read, as well as it was very creative. I also really liked how you put all of the “HAHAHA” ‘s in your story to improve it. Fantastic Job!

      Eesha P. (Grade 5, MR School, Illinois, USA)

  1. Hi Adam,
    I like your post and how you used onomotopia in it. It makes the writing so much better. Also, great ending. There were so much questions that flooded m6 mind when I read it. Did he die? Is he alive? It makes me really want to keep reading!

  2. Hi Adam! I really liked how you included suspense in your story. That made me want to have more to read! Good job!

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