The Great Robbery

The day of the great robbery started quite like a normal day. It was the normal rush hour in London when suddenly a loud blaring noise went off. Loads of people went scattering from the city bank while armed cops sped in to the lane. Then suddenly from behind the pillars ran three nasty looking men. One had a red bandanna and a scarlet face, another one had a scar that ran down his face and the last one had a ripped T-shirt and a black eye. They all thought the same thing: but where will we hide it all, all the loot? No-one knew where the robbers are now but they should soon find out… 

2 thoughts on “The Great Robbery”

  1. Hi Adam
    This story you have done is very tense also quite short, is there going to be a sequel? I loved it though. 🙂

  2. Adam,
    Your story was very fun to read, and was very creative. I like how you included a thought of all of the people on the streets in italics. Very well done!

    Eesha P. (Grade 5, MR School, USA)

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