The Grey Men

The Gray men were having a meeting. The men were called Gray because they had Gray suits, Gray cars and met in Grey rooms. It is these kinds of men that only care about money because of this love of money that they were meeting. But they were not talking about how much money they had but instead about how they could lose it. It was not a natural meeting.

For weeks there had been a huge difference in the number of crimes that happened. Money had been stolen. Jewels and riches too. Banks had been broken into and all their alarms and security systems had been overridden.

So they had decided to hide their money. But the Gray men deciding on things asked one thing ‘but where would we hide it all?’

4 thoughts on “The Grey Men”

  1. Good job Daniel! I really like this story because it is mysterious. It is mysterious about many things such as the mystery of why the Grey Men like grey. Or why they rob banks and other places.

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