The handy man

Once upon a time there was a man that looked like a hand and every one called him the handy man. He was very popular. He couldn’t go to work so he stayed at home and went on walks. Anyone who saw him would roll on the laughing out loud but he didn’t mind because he was used to it. one day he was bored so he just stayed at home but in the end it go sunny and he went out for a walk in the park. The day after he went to a national park and so on.

2 thoughts on “The handy man”

  1. Hi Mattis! Your story was interesting. I liked how you thought of what might happen in real life because if there was a giant hand man, he would probably get laughed at. I liked how you explained your story with details. Your story kind of reminds me of the book Wonder. Great job!

  2. Hi Mattis,
    I really enjoyed how you incorporated the cool name “the Handy Man”. I also, liked how how you added how the normal humans thought of this giant hand guy. An interesting fact I can share with you is, their is more germs on your hands than on you butt. This giant hand must be very dirty! I can connect to your because, I would actually feel the opposite than the normal humans in this town. I would feel terrified of this giant hand. Although, your writing was amazing, I have some recommendations. Maybe try using commas like in your story when you said, “Anyone who saw him would roll on the laughing out loud but he didn’t mind because, he was used to it”. Also, make sure to always capitalize the first letter in each sentence. Come check out my blog at

    Happy Writing,
    Evie in Illinois

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