The Haunted Sleepover!!!!!

Hi there me and my friends are having a sleepover because it’s my name day. They are going to arrive in ten minutes, I can’t wait because it’s a special day for me. I did already planed the day and we are not going to sleep till 2am at midnight we are having a midnight snack. When they finally arrived, my mum managed to finish the chocolate cake. After a few hours, we were watching a movie and we heard a ghost and suddenly it showed up in front of us so we ran and although they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress in speed . Finally, they lost him and pushed him out of the house and he never came back.

4 thoughts on “The Haunted Sleepover!!!!!”

  1. Hi Nika,
    Your story is great the only thing i would change is you put that you will be staying up to 2am then midnight but midnight is 12:00 and better spellings except that its great well done keep up the great work 🙂

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