The Haunted Tree!

Oh my gosh! What is that!?! Oh sorry I forgot that I was writing a public book! I guess I will have to write about this then….! It is Friday and I am walking home from the Co-Op. I just saw the creepiest thing…. it was a tree…… with legs!! A normal, boring tree with long, red, robotic legs!! OH WOW!! I know I shouldn’t but I just had to do what I am thinking, I ran up and now am touching it!!! AAAAAAHHHHH those legs just…. moved! Wait I was wrong the tree has no legs. Body-less robotic legs!!!

2 thoughts on “The Haunted Tree!”

  1. Hi Nia!
    I loved your story this week. The way you structured it was great, and I love the way you gave the details but also the mysterious feeling of the story. Great job!
    -Maya E.

  2. Hi Nia,
    I love your story. Something specific I like about it is the story was very mysterious. Something that I can tell you is that You have great descriptive word choose. A connection that I can make to you is that if I wrote about this I also would have said that they were robotic legs. Something that I’m still wondering about is how did the legs get there.
    By,Aubrey in illinois

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