The Hole Of Doom

I was walking in my garden and I saw a hole that was not there the day before and I decided to have a closer look.When I was right up in front of the hole I noticed that the hole was as big as a bigger man so I could easly fit through it.I could feel my curiosity growing bigger and I thought So what lies ahead of this I do not know and then I jumped hoping it was not haunted or there was doom.I was in the hole and there was lots of different ways to go and I decided to go left first and then right but as I tuned the corner and I bumped into a witch!

3 thoughts on “The Hole Of Doom”

  1. Hi Nia,
    Well, that was a very unexpected end! It gave me the feeling that I was reading a novel and that more would be revealed in the next chapter. Your writing builds up nicely to this point in the story, well done.
    Miss T Team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

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