The Journey To Kent!!

I am on my way to Kent but I am super tired as we had to get up at 6:oo in the morning! My mum and dad usually give me and my brother the telly to put on the back of the seat so we can watch the telly while on an extremely long car journey but today they said we have to look out of the window. While I looked out I saw a HUGE BRIGE SPRINKLED in PINK DAFFODILS! It was the best site and oh wow we are here at the Kent hotel. My room is amazing.


2 thoughts on “The Journey To Kent!!”

  1. Nia I am on my way to buy a plane ticket! I want to see this bridge as well. Since my plane ticket was bought with imaginary money I suppose those daffodils will have to remain there. Thank you for writing a story that brought my imagination to life!
    McBreezy Team100WC Los Angeles, California

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