One day, my family were going to the rainforest in Africa. My sister was not going to the rainforest, she was going to Auntie Janet and I was staying at home. My mum, dad and brother Ben, were the people who were going to the rainforest. The amazing rainforest in Africa was called the Congo Rainforest. “It is going to have Gorilla’s, Chimpanzees and it is also going to haveĀ  Elephant’s”, wailed my mum. After that my mum went to pack her thing so did my dad. Then I told Ben to go and pack his bags so he went to pack his bags. The next day they left to go to Congo. When they got there, a tiger was blocking there way.

2 thoughts on “THE JUNGLE !!!”

  1. Dear Amelia,

    I think that you have an awesome story! I think that you can do a continuation of this! If you do please let me know! But anyways, overall, it was really good, but I think that the prompt was meant to be in the middle of the sentence with at least a word before and after the prompt. Anyways, you did an exemplenary job!

  2. Dear Amelia B,
    I absolutely loved your story it was so good. The ending was good because it was a bit simaler to a cliff hanger! This is the first story I have read of yours and it was really enjoyable!!!
    From Nia K

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