The Jungle DoomsDay

Here we were on the beach, next to the jungle having the time of our lives. There was a kind of white line on the horizon but I didn’t notice it though until later…

So as I was saying we were on the beach. Until I spotted it… I didn’t know what it was for a minute, but then I realised what it was. The top of the deadly wall of water: a tsunami. I ran into the forest. But then there was the the tiger standing tall, I thought ‘the tiger is blocking our escape what are we going to do?’ But then the tsunami crashed upon us.

Inspired by Michael Morpurgo’s “Running Wild.”

2 thoughts on “The Jungle DoomsDay”

  1. Hi Adam! Good job on the last week of 100 Word Challenge for the year of 2017! You did a good job on using figurative language like wall of water. That made your story more interesting. Good job!

  2. Dear Adam,
    I really like how you ended your story with a cliffhanger. It really made me hungry for more of your story.
    Good Job!

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