The Life Of A Laptop.

The lights flicked on and my mouth was opened. Someone was scratching my tongue! I decided to wake up so I opened my eyes and my mistress was sitting in front of me. She obviously wanted something but instead of saying “Good morning” she said “Finally you have turned on!”
I thought that was a bit rude but I am a laptop so I can’t tell her of.She opened up Google Chrome and started to push down my teeth [this is how every day starts]! I realised that it was a Saturday so she shouldn’t give me that much stuff.

“Ella come downstairs please it is breakfast time time!”
My mistress ran downstairs and left me on! I was getting angrier every second. She never turned me of and I was starting to run out of battery!! I decided to have a rest and turn off, so that was exactly what I did. If you were Ella would you turn me off?

“Turn on you lazy pig!”
Ella shouted. She always broke my nap like that! The more upset I was, the more I refused to do what she wanted. Ella thought that I was dead so she shut my mouth and took me to the bring back to life snake. I decided this was a great time to have a nap so I turned off my brain, closed all the eyes she had opened and went to sleep.

My mouth was opened again and Ella took the snake out of my cut. She scratched my mouth, opened up Scratch, her most used app, and started to make a pattern. I actually woke up without being upset. Her mum must have told her to be really kind to me and I thought that she had turned to a completely diffrent person!
“Ella lunch is ready!”
Ella ran downstairs and left my light on! Wait no, she ran back upstairs and closed my mouth! Ella really had…had…ch..changed! I was so tired that I just fell asleep!

You can probably guess what happened next, yes that’s correct. My mouth was opened and someone was scratching my tongue. Guess who it is? That’s right it was Ella. But this time she went onto the phone. Ellas mum came up and turned me off. I was carried to her room and turned on! Ellas mum said that Ella didn’t want me any more so I was going onto a kids sail!

The person who picked me up was actually Ella! She obviously wanted me back but I was a bit scared. Would I be treated well or not well? We shall see.

2 thoughts on “The Life Of A Laptop.”

  1. Well Done Nia I loved your storey so much I had to read twice and really liked how you puntuated it.
    WELL DONE this week Nia

  2. Such a great story Nia! I do have to say two things. One when the kids sale was on it is sale not sail. Two Ella’s needs a possessive apostrophe. Apart from that greatest story ever!

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